Friday, March 25, 2011

Wood So Rare

I've been trying to secure one of the Earths only natural BLUE woods for over 2 years now. It Only grows in the Caribbean islands. It's said to soon be endangered. I've wasted countless hours and money trying to get my hands on some of this blue wood. Every time I ordered the wood it came brown or dark grey. Hard to sell the idea of Blue Mahoe Wood Call when it's not blue. The pictures of the wood on the lumber websites were never what showed up at my shop. Even when having a conversation with the sellers and them telling me they were looking at the blue wood as we spoke on the phone it was never showed up BLUE. I started wondering if I would ever see this SUPER RARE Blue Wood. Well I tried again and did get some that had a small amount of Blue Grey grain so i kept 5 of the 20 I ordered. I could only get it in small pen blank form but it should make nice calls. I'll have pictures soon.

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