Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thanks NWTF Minnesota

Shine Box Turkey Call was invited by the NWTF to showcase our Shine Box Turkey Calls in the Wild Turkey Room at the Mpls Sportsman Show this year. We are currently there with a table of our one of a kind custom calls. Rare and exotic woods along with the standard wood calls. I've been able to meet some of the people that were known only to me by the phone or email. What a great bunch of guys. I feel like I'm in a room of strangers that I've known forever.
It's a good feeling being around people that share the same passion for the wild turkey. Humble beginnings brought me to this point in my life and having wonderful people around me is the way I wish it could always be! I don't know how long I'll be able to make calls before a Dr. tells me enough is enough but I'll make darn sure I put a free scratch box call in the hands of every kid I can before I'm done. I'm truly blessed!! Thank you ALL.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bring the Spring HEAT

Bring the HEAT. This call is goona be a hot one this spring. Using Osage Orange core, padauk top plate, Black Walnut, White Ash, and Padauk Bottom. Shine Box Osage has already taken 15 birds so far this spring in the far south. I think this one will take a few up here in the land of the Ice & Snow. The HEAT will bring a medium/high tone with great rasp.

Wood So Rare

I've been trying to secure one of the Earths only natural BLUE woods for over 2 years now. It Only grows in the Caribbean islands. It's said to soon be endangered. I've wasted countless hours and money trying to get my hands on some of this blue wood. Every time I ordered the wood it came brown or dark grey. Hard to sell the idea of Blue Mahoe Wood Call when it's not blue. The pictures of the wood on the lumber websites were never what showed up at my shop. Even when having a conversation with the sellers and them telling me they were looking at the blue wood as we spoke on the phone it was never showed up BLUE. I started wondering if I would ever see this SUPER RARE Blue Wood. Well I tried again and did get some that had a small amount of Blue Grey grain so i kept 5 of the 20 I ordered. I could only get it in small pen blank form but it should make nice calls. I'll have pictures soon.

Going Old School

I had the pleasure of meeting an old school call maker 2 weeks ago in South Dakota His name was John. I recognized Johns name from one of Earl Mickels earlier books so I knew I should listen to the words of wisdom and secrets he was about to share. He schooled me in the ways of pot call making and pounded the sound out of a pot call I had made but didn't produce very good sound.. John played my pot call so hard that I swear the striker was on FIRE! The sound was amazing coming from my non sounding pot call. He played it like a freaking BANJO tapping his foot with the rhythm of his clucks and yelps and kee kees. When finished he said "See sometime you gotta slap that HORSE in the Ass!" My beautiful non sounding pot call was vindicated. He later told me one of favorite woods was hickory and the wood made excellent strikers, pots calls, and box calls. He strongly recommended I try the wood for my scratch box calls. He said I would not be disappointed. So I did and he was right. This Hickory Wood did make a sweet sounding Shine Box. Here it is.

Purple Heart Series

After the high demand for purple heart wood calls at the Northern Plains Ultimate Outdoor Expo in Rapid City SD we have secured a good amount of the purple wood. I just finished several Purple heart wood calls and here are some of the creations. The Purple Pride after the Minnesota Vikings. It features a core of Purple Heart a top plate of Gold Movingui, thin strip of Movingui, Ebony, and figured Maple bottom. Next we have the Purple Mango! it features a Purple Heart core, Mango top plate,thin strip of Ash, Osage Orange, and a bottom of Curly Mango. That's right Mango wood! 3rd is the Purple Presidential after the 2011 MN State Champion design. Featuring the Figured Maple core and top, ebony White Ash thin strip, and Purple Heart Bottom. Last for now is the Purple freak. Solid Purple Heart with a top of Osage Orange. these calls all have a unique sound consistent with the sounds produced by wild turkey hens

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New saying

Sometimes you meet the best of friends when you not looking for one!


Thaks for making it possible!

Shine Box Turkey Call & Prostaff wants to thank Larry (President North Metro Longbeards Chapter MN)at Comercial Fixtures for the help preparing for the Northern Plains Ultimate Outdoor Expo In Rapid City 2 weeks ago. Larry used his personal time and equipment to help make Shine Box Calls for the show. All the wood used to make the kids free calls to give away, was donated By Larry himself. As many have heard we gave away almost 60 calls to kids at the show and it wouldnt have been possible with out Larrys help. All the praise Shine Box Turkey Call recieved for helping kids become anchored in the hunting heritage is owed to YOU! We Thank You and have something very nice for your time and effort.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NWTF banquets coming up.

Here are a couple of custom calls made for the Struttin Toms Chapter made from Poplar and Padauk, and the East Metro Full Fans made from Butternut and Black Walnut. Best of luck and I hope they raise money for your chapter!
Best Wishes Eric

Monday, March 21, 2011

First Shine Box Confirmed Kill Picture of 2011

Here's our 1st Shine Box confirmed kill picture for the 2011 season. The following is from a Shine Box Turkey Call follower located in Central Florida. Thanks for your blessing to show your picture and testemonial.

Hello Eric, received the Juniper call last week, I was impressed, but the Turkeys were more impressed! Awesome cluck and purrs brought this Bad Boy in. The bird had been called at a lot, and hunted by several seasoned turkey hunters in our club. I got him on the second day with your call, and took a friend on the third day and called in two longbeards which he being new to turkey hunting missed the shot. Looking forward to the next hunt.....until then, keep the quality calls coming. Billy

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Buckeye State NWTF Ohio

Good luck to the Tusky River Chapter NWTF Ohio on their up coming fundraiser banquet. This one of a kind custom burned call is made of figured red oak with a black walnut top and black walnut striker. It has a good medium tone and produces very nice high pitch and medium pitch purs and clucks. This call was donated to the Tusky River Chapter NWTF. Best Wishes!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

South Dakota Mule Deer Foundation Custom Turkey Call

Just completed the Mule Deer Foundations custom burned call for their annual fund raising banquet coming up this spring. This Shine Box Call is made of Bing Cherry wood from Door County Wisconsin. It has a great medium tone sure to call in a big'ol Merriam's gobbler! Good luck on the banquet and I hope this one of a kind call helps raise money for the Mule Deer Foundation of South Dakota.

Northern Plains Ultimate Outdoor Expo Raffle Winner

The Winner of the Free drawing for the custom burned turkey tail mount kit and matching custom burned call was jondean Trupe of SD. Good luck and send us a picture of the harvested bird.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More calls from the expo

These are more of the premium edition calls from the Expo.

New calls from the expo the "Freaks"

This was a new edition to our line up made just for the Northern Plains Ultimate Outdoor Expo. Example take a standard call like walnut that a set hardness that produces a consistent sound and add a super hard wood generally 2 times harder than the core wood changing the overall hardness of the call. The new hardness produces a completely different resonance in the sound chamber producing a new tone and pitch!

special burns from the expo

These are a few of the many custom burned calls from the EXPO


Thanks to my Pro Staff for making the South Dakota Northern Plains Ultimate Outdoor Expo and huge success! Shine Box Turkey Called was called the star attraction at the show by many customers and its all because of you. Dennis (Big Worm), Joel (Eski), and Ed (Fast Eddy) made it all possible. Also thanks to my lovely wife for listening to 30,000+ yelps, clucks, chirps, and purrs as I hand tuned each one of my calls for the show! Shelly is a true gem and the love of my life, her support of what I do fuels my passion for turkey hunting. Thanks to the families that missed their husbands/dads for the weekend during the show. Thanks!! This company would not exists or run with out all of you!!


Free Shine Box Calls from the South Dakota Outdoor Expo

Shine Box Turkey Calls gave away 58 free calls to kids at this years Northern Plains Ultimate Outdoor Expo! Me and my pro staff set aside 35 free calls for kids that signed up with the NWTF at the show. Unfortunately the NWTF did not participate in the 2011 Outdoor Expo. So we made sure free call vouchers were given to organizations to use them for kids that came to their booths. We also gave almost every kid that came up to our booth a free Shine Box Turkey Call.
When I counted the Free Call vouchers at the end of the show we had a total of 58 free call vouchers in the basket. We didn't just give the kids a free call my pro staff and I took the time to show every kid how to care for and use their new turkey call. I personally burned the names of 41 kids on their calls, and if I missed ya bring it next year and I will put your name on it!!
We are always proud to put a life time memory in the lives of kids. I'm a survivor of Cystic Fibrosis and lucky to be here, and lucky to be living a dream. Knowing what this terrible disease does to kids and that I've escaped some of this diseases grip I'll always try and make a kid smile. If it's a free turkey call so be it! When my time comes I'll rest well knowing that I tried to anchor kids in the hunting heritage.

Thanks to all the KIDS

Monday, March 14, 2011

Special Thanks to the South Dakota REMF & South Dakota Youth Hunting Adventures

A special thanks to the REMF of South Dakota for their hospitality at the Northern Plains Ultimate Outdoor Expo. They had to listen to our turkey calls for 3 days and 2 nights while customers learned to work a Shine Box Turkey Call and the countless crowds of people crowding their booth inside and out to watch me burn turkey calls. They were some of the greatest people I've met. Thanks to John for taking the time so show me some of his pot call making tricks of the trade and giving me some special Black Hills and Montana slate, hickory striker material and chance to learn from a pro. Thanks to Gary, Al, Jerry, the Reinhart's, and others that made us feel like we had been coming there for years. Cant wait for next year.

Shine Box Turkey Calls

Call instructions,care and use

If you recently purchased a shine box turkey call there's some important thing to remember.Pressure is key when operating a scratch box call. Use the following steps to becoming a scratch box pro, it wont take long until you are making some of the truest hen sounds ever..
1. start with the call at a 90 degree angle on the striker (keep the flat surface of the call in contact with the round striker surface)
2. make sure the surfaces are cleaned with sand paper and fresh liberal amounts of chalk is used.
3. use minimal pressure to start your purr
4. increase pressure as needed
5. see February posts sound bites to view videos
6. start with minimal pressure and increase as scratching the striker.

Northern Plains Ultimate Outdoor Expo

Thanks to the South Dakota Youth Hunting Adventures for the great hospitality at the Northen Plains Ultimate Outdoor Expo in Rapid City South Dakota. The people were great and business seemed to boom with this years attendence. According to the Rapid City Sunday paper attendence hit an all time high!

We will be back next year with even more hot new turkey hunting calls not yet seen and used in the midwest. We have several new designs, wood combos, and sounds that will be put to the hands of our prostaff this Spring and Fall hunting season and put to the ultimate test. "The field" Some of the new exciting designs are the fighting hens striker, all in one multipal hen striker.
Thanks Again
Eric and the Shine Box Turkey Call Pro Staff.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

North Metro Long Beards Custom Box Call

I just completed this wild burn on a special call made Larry S. Made for the North Metro Long Beards Chapter for their NWTF fundraising banquet on March 3rd. Larry is a custom call maker himself and made a this sweet sounding American Chestnut over figured Black Walnut working box call to be auctioned off. I burned the 3 gobblers in grass image on the side and a close up "Head Shot" on the paddle. If you have a special box call that you cant go hunting without and want to turn it into a working piece of art fit for the finest collection give me a call. I would be happy to work out a reasonable rate for the art work you want and turn your favorite call into a show piece. Wood burning on the sides and the paddle will not alter the sound or performance of your call. I will have to remove the top screw to safely handle your call while burning.