Thursday, March 15, 2012

NWTF Show Quality Turkey Call the "Dead Red" Call

I made a call about 3 years ago out of poplar and Padauk and called it the "DEAD RED" I decided to remake it this time using some killer red dyed buckeye burl. The call body is still a solid core of poplar with a red buckeye bottom and top plate. Padauk and maple grace the belt line and padauk inlay accents the face. I put a couple full strutter's on the front of course. The striker is solid padauk with the mag system, here are some before and after pictures.

Friday, March 9, 2012

66 Butternut Scratch Box Call

I found a sweet timber of Butternut in the rafters of my garage that had been there for over 60 years. My father dated the wood back as far as he could when lived at the family homestead and remembered seeing it up there for atleast 40 years. My mother remembered her dad using it to make door trim when she was in her teens. That year was 1946. "What a SCORE". 66 year old air dried butternut would make a lovely sounding call. Here's a scratch box I just made out of it and paired it up with some super black walnut and yellow heart. I played on primary color YELLOW. The butternut being soft tan the walnut being dark brown and the stark yellow of yellow heart ties it together very well. The sound well anyone knows that air dried wood make the loveliest sound!! I'm gonna make more of these for sure, any call I make gets the wood species burned on the bottom I'll burn these calls 66 Butternut.

Padauk Beauty Scratch Box Turkey call

Here's a creation for a good friend done on a RED canvas. This scratch box call is made of a solid core of Padauk with Holly/Ebony inlay and figured maple bottom. WOW DUDE this one is smoking. I didn't need to burn an image on this one to look great but you know me "I like to burn!" Plus this wood smells like CAKE when it burns!! "I Like CAKE!" Padauk makes a very nice sounding call when paired with the right striker material. Thanks Troy!!!

"THE MEAN GREEN" Turkey Call

A special thanks to Pennsylvania Mel at Wood Dynamics for the special green dyed buckeye burl. Mel creates some of the BEST stabilized & dyed wood products in the country. We talked about some of my projects this year and Mel was on board! He made up some intense double dyed green buckeye burl and shipped it out to me to create a new run of Shine Box Calls. I'm calling them "THE MEAN GREEN" here they are. The Burl is paired up with Ebony and Maple accents. "SHARP!" These calls produce a nice mellow tone only his buckeye burl creates. not to high not to low. Thanks MEL looking forward to working with this coming year let turn some heads!

Wild Turkey Fanatic Scratch Box Call

I made a small run of figured maple white oak calls last year and had one left over so I decided to dress it up and put her on ebay. I burned a pair of full strutters and was happy with the look of the call. The tails wrapped nicely over the white oak and burned clean. Sometimes when you transition burn over multiple species of wood they burn differently depending on how hard or soft they are.
I looked at the call for about 20 minutes and thought it needed something more. I grabbed the white oak striker and sanded it down to 600 grit and started to draw on it. A side view close up of the gobblers face and tail were exactly what it needed. Oak is tough to burn on due to the open grain but the smooth surface worked out and took a clean image.
This call went to a friend I met at the 2012 NWTF National Convention in Nashville this year. Fred is a combat proven war veteran and full time turkey slayer. I look forward to making your custom box call and custom burned lid.
Thanks Fred for your service to our country.

2012 MN NWTF Competition Gobbler Box

This Long Box Call was made for the 2012 MN NWTF state conventions call making competition. I decided to make a GOBBLER box. The call body was made of a solid core of Northern California redwood burl with maple accents and ebony end caps. The lid was made of padauk with matching maple and ebony accents surrounding red abalone shell inlay. A gorgeous call!!!
I had the idea for something different in this box call. I knew that the redwood may be to soft to get decent hen sound so i decided to try and tune this call to the sounds of a mature gobblers thunderous gobble and make it a gobble box! I was successful. This call was to be entered in the decorative open class. If the call was played by the judges like a traditional long box it would be way to low and raspy for a good score on sound but that chance was on I was willing to take. I decided to burn nothing but gobblers on it. I visioned a strutting pair of longbeards bumping and positioning for dominance. I could see in my mind the gobblers head tucked back tight against the body and the lightning speed of his head belting out that thunderous gobble we all hear. I was very happy with the out come of this call.