Monday, March 14, 2011

Special Thanks to the South Dakota REMF & South Dakota Youth Hunting Adventures

A special thanks to the REMF of South Dakota for their hospitality at the Northern Plains Ultimate Outdoor Expo. They had to listen to our turkey calls for 3 days and 2 nights while customers learned to work a Shine Box Turkey Call and the countless crowds of people crowding their booth inside and out to watch me burn turkey calls. They were some of the greatest people I've met. Thanks to John for taking the time so show me some of his pot call making tricks of the trade and giving me some special Black Hills and Montana slate, hickory striker material and chance to learn from a pro. Thanks to Gary, Al, Jerry, the Reinhart's, and others that made us feel like we had been coming there for years. Cant wait for next year.

Shine Box Turkey Calls

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  1. It was great being next to you guys...we love the hunt and the outdoors also. Thanks for what you did for the youngsters at the is important.

    I will be using my new Cherry wood call this spring...hopefully we will be sending ya some pics!

    Take care,
    Larry V. Chilstrom