Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Free Shine Box Calls from the South Dakota Outdoor Expo

Shine Box Turkey Calls gave away 58 free calls to kids at this years Northern Plains Ultimate Outdoor Expo! Me and my pro staff set aside 35 free calls for kids that signed up with the NWTF at the show. Unfortunately the NWTF did not participate in the 2011 Outdoor Expo. So we made sure free call vouchers were given to organizations to use them for kids that came to their booths. We also gave almost every kid that came up to our booth a free Shine Box Turkey Call.
When I counted the Free Call vouchers at the end of the show we had a total of 58 free call vouchers in the basket. We didn't just give the kids a free call my pro staff and I took the time to show every kid how to care for and use their new turkey call. I personally burned the names of 41 kids on their calls, and if I missed ya bring it next year and I will put your name on it!!
We are always proud to put a life time memory in the lives of kids. I'm a survivor of Cystic Fibrosis and lucky to be here, and lucky to be living a dream. Knowing what this terrible disease does to kids and that I've escaped some of this diseases grip I'll always try and make a kid smile. If it's a free turkey call so be it! When my time comes I'll rest well knowing that I tried to anchor kids in the hunting heritage.

Thanks to all the KIDS

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