Sunday, January 30, 2011

2 for 1 update

Sunday Night. 2 for 1 update almost half way done

Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Shine Box Calls Coming to the Premium Series

We are releasing a new series of Premium Sine Box Calls. We put these calls together for the Northern Plains Ultimate Outdoor Expo in the Rapid City SD in March. We are keeping a limited number of these for our web site and a couple for ebays turkey call hunters.
This Buckeye burl is from California and boasts this burl woods legendary looks. It has not been dyed although we have secured a vast array of dyed Buckeye for future calls. No Call is the same and they will feature different core woods.. The core on this beauty is figured maple one our finest looking and sounding turkey call hard woods and a strip of gaboon ebony sandwiched between the burl. Again this is the natural color of the burl. $45.00

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Special Burn called 2 for 1

I had the great pleasure to meet Don and Larry at the 2011 NWTF Minnesota State Convention last weekend from the North Metro Longbeards Chapter. I never would have thought I was going to make contact with such great people, they took the time to talk with me and my wife and really made us feel like we've been coming here for years. Thank You! I also enjoyed the chance to talk turkey call making with Larry an award winning call maker himself!
I'm burning a special image of 2 gobblers and a hen on a piece of basswood to put in their silent auction to help raise money for their chapter as a special thanks for your hospitality! I will post pictures of its progress until it's complete. I'm also making a couple of my hottest new calls just for their banquet. I wont be posting pictures of them until they are complete sorry. Thanks again Don and Larry!

Burning the midight WOOD!

I would like to thank the Zumbrota Valley Gobblers for inviting me to their Spring banquet. I got home from the state competition Sunday night and was busy making some calls for their auction. I asked them if they had a logo for their chapter so I could make a one of a kind custom call with their logo on it and here's what I came up with. The call is made of very fine cut of figured ambrosia maple. I hope this little baby can raise some money for their chapter. If you are with a NWTF chapter and looking for something special please contact me through this blog site or my email

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 NWTF Minnesota Call Making Competition Entries

Here are a the 2011 Competition Entries we submitted. 1st place winner was has a figured maple core over Green Mun Ebony with a white Ash strip with a Blood Wood Bottom. 2nd place call set category were call on left Black Walnut with a burned Walleye over a rock pile, Center call Figured maple with a burned Swimming Common Loon with bull rush back ground, call on right Bing Cherry with a burned Lady's Slipper. Juniper call with Burned Gobbler colored with Crayola Crayons (my 5 year olds idea) Green Mun Ebony with a blood wood top over a white ash strip padauk and figured maple bottom. We had one of our presidential magnetic tail kits made of black walnut with 5 gobblers in oaks. we had the one other call that is not pictured it was a padauk core with figure maple top over a maple strip with green mun ebony and figured maple bottom.

NWTF Minnesota Call Making Competition 1st Place WIN!!

Thanks to all the Shine Box Pro Staff and Hundreds of Shine Customers for their help and contributions to our company's success. Your Support, Ideas, and and good'ol fashion love resulted in Shine Box's 1st place win at the 2011 NWTF Minnesota Call Making Competition under the Scratch Box Division. We also scored a 2nd place win under the Call Set category going against other call designs such as trumpet calls, box calls, pot calls, and locator calls. These competitions will help drive us at Shine Box to make new and exciting designs to stay connected and competitive in further competitions and in the Turkey Hunting World. We are Planning now for the competitions ahead. I chose to donate our 1st place winning call to the NWTF awards banquet that night to help raise money for the NWTF. I have already heard your requests to start an limited reproduction run of the 1st place winning call. I will start on it asap. I will make 50 calls and they'll be numbered, signed, and they will read Minnesota NWTF 1st place winner on the bottom. contact us to reserve one before they hit the website.
Thank You All

Special Thanks

A special thanks to Alan who ordered a Kings Wood Special edition scratch call, and has had the Patience to wait for his call while I prepared for the NWTF Minnesota call making competition. Alan your call is complete and you'll have is soon.

Ultimate Tail Mount Kits

You hunt every day of the season until your rear-end feels like it's no longer part of your body and your eyes burn from your icy stare & lack of sleep. You've been chasing that same old long beard for what seem like an eternity and you finally bag'em.
What next? Mount his tail-beard-and spurs and why not retire the call that brought him in. Our custom made magnetic scratch box calls come built right into the center of the tail placard. A magnetic call holds tight to the back of the placard and a magnet holds the striker tight to the call. Easily removed even with the biggest of fingers! these placards are held together with 2 brass screws a matching back board holds the tail tight to the kit.
These kits are also available with no call in the center and in 2 sizes. Eastern kit fits the standard tail and Merriam kit fits the larger tails of Gould's & Merriam's.. We offer these kits in a variety of woods from figured maple, black walnut, juniper (limited supply), cedar, cherry, and padauk.
Pricing1.Presidential Kit $140.00 Comes with Magnetic call system in center of placard and 2 gobbler image burned across the front as seen in the pictures. Gobbler image may vary. The burned gobbler image will wrap around the corners of the call as well for a full image upon removal.
2.Deluxe Kit $100 Comes with magnetic call system in center of placard with NO burned image
3.Full Burn Kit $75.00 Comes with NO call and a single gobbler image with full back drop ie forest setting, desert setting, black hills setting, or you call it.
4.No Burn Kit $35.00 Comes with choice of woods NO call and NO burn.
5.ADD a Single Gobbler to any Kit for $20.00
The pictures shown are the presidential kits. Eastern Kit in Juniper and Merriams in Black Walnut with 3 extra Gobblers.

Friday, January 7, 2011

How to use the Scratch Box Call

The first thing to do is make sure the striker and the sound wall of the call has been sanded and ample chalk has been applied. depending on the hand used (left or right) use your dominate hand to hold the scratch box like a key with slight pressure, in the other hand grasp the striker between the pointer finger and the base of the thumb with slight pressure. PRESSURE is key here, it will determine how the call sounds & performs!!
With the striker in place turn your palm slightly up and touch the scratch box to the striker using little downward pressure. Next pull the scratch box across the striker surface SLOWLY until you get the call to purr, chip and putt. Your own ears will tell you when you are close. You will notice that the more downward pressure creates new tones and the faster you pull across the striker surface creates quicker calls.
Yelping with the call. use the same downward pressure and motion as puring & chirping at the end of the motion scoop the Scratch box upward or apply more pressure to your basic puring motion and allow the call to yelp (turn over)naturally.
Clucking with the call. Touch the scratch box to the surface of the striker with medium to light pressure hold the 2 surfaces together snap the wrist so the scratch box momentarily leaves the striker surface. Again your own ears will tell you when you are close and different amounts of pressure will give you softer of louder clucks. If you look under 2010 entries in the month of May you will see and hear how this is done.

Pyrography (wood burning)

I get many emails asking if I can burn special images and wildlife scenes on various types of materials and objects. The answer is the same Yes. Pyrography can be done on several materials such as paper, leather, bone and the most common wood. I've burned on all of these mediums with great success. I have burned on wood switch plates, wood toilette seats, antlers, leather motor cycle seats, gourds, walking staffs & canes and picture frames. I can do portraits but hey take more time and I generally need several pictures of the individual. If it burns I can probably put an image on it. Plastic does burn but it melts first, sorry no plastic:(
On our Shine Box website you will be able to commission a wood burning and choose the type of wood to be burned upon. We will have videos of wood burning in action and a gallery of wood burning art. Please feel free to email or ask about our Pyrography (wood burning) Our pricing is great and varies on the image and material.
The above wood burning is an example of a commissioned wood burning done this Christmas. The customer wanted something special for his loved one. I asked him what her favorite flower was he replied "The stargazer lily!" I made a pencil sketch of this image and emailed it to him. He replied "OMG! She'll love it!" After Christmas I received a letter stating his wife absolutely loved it and displays it on her office desk. I always look forward to doing the next piece of art.

New year new happenings.

2011 will bring some new things to Shine Box. We are having our website designed and will be moving all of the blog page content into it. From our website you will be able to purchase calls with a buy now tab, upload pictures and videos, see freestyle pyrography (wood burning) in action, see all of our current wood choices and build your own custom scratch box calls. We will also have our highly sought after custom (traditional) paddle style box calls available for the first time!
2010 we decided to make our scratch box calls available to all, selling them form our blog page, placing many on ebay, donating to D.U. (Ducks Unlimited), REMF (Rock Mountain Elk Foundation), and NWTF events all over the West and upper Midwest.. We had tremendous growth and success thanks to all the Hunters and collectors that support our product. Thank YOU! We strive to serve and guarantee our product will perform.