Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Macadamia Nut Complete

Macadamia Nut makes a sweet sounding call and smells great when milling it too. This one is going for sale soon. It will be the last macadamia I make for a while.

Valley Longbeards Chapter NWTF Arizona

Just completed one of the 2 calls for the Valley Longbeards Chapter of Arizona. It's made of Yellow Heart core- Figured Maple top- Accents are Figured Maple & Yellow Heart- Blue Buckeye Burl bottom. I'll have the other call complete after the 4Th of July.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Independence Day Tribute Call

I just posted on Ebay my Independence Day Shine Box Call. I chose the the Gadsden Flag for its motto "Don't Tread On Me" which was used during the time of our country's struggle for Independence. The yellow heart wood was used to honor the flag color and a custom burned Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake in the center.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Civil War Tribute Call

I just finished the 150th Anniversary Civil War tribute call. The call is made of Padauk, figured Maple, and Blue Buckeye Burl. The image is the Union flag and Confederate flag representing both sides. This call is currently listed on ebay by request.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pyrography Set of 3 Turkey Box Call Lids

Here's the full set of 3 Turkey Box Call Lids.

3rd Pyrography Box Call Lid Complete

I just finished the 3rd piece to a set of box call lids. It's burned on Padauk and features a gobbling tom with a full strut bird at the base of the neck. It's hard to see the shading in the color picture due to the high amount of sugar that carbonizes on the surface of the padauk, so I included a black and white photo to show the shading. When finish oil is applied to the surface the image will show the full contrast.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pyrography Chinese Thank You!

A special Thanks to The Canvas Tattoo Parlor for their generous donation to our North Metro Longbeards Chapters annual fund raiser. Instead of a thank you card, I made a custom burned Thank You wood tablet. The wood used is figured maple and reads Thank You.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Pyrography Close Up Side Shot

I was asked to make a scratch box call with the side view of a gobblers head last week so here it is. It's made of a solid core of Poplar with a top of Padauk. The burn time of this call was 1 Hour. All my images are complete originals.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Black Beauty

Last week I put this Shine Box together for a Black Walnut fan that collects turkey calls. It's made of Figured Black Walnut core, Blood Wood top, Blood Wood & Rock Maple accents, with an Ebony bottom. It has a medium/high tone and good black walnut rasp.

Box Elder Calls are a huge hit!

Thanks Larry for the Sweet Figured Box Elder! I'm getting calls every day about the looks of this wood. It has crisp medium tone very pleasing to the turkey ear. I paired this softer wood with some of the hardest exotic woods (Bocote & Ebony) I had in the shop and they look great.

Swiss Pear and Sugar Maple Burl

here is a very nice show piece call made of Swiss Pear core Sugar Maple Burl, Padauk and Ebony.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Show Down with a Sundance Gobbler

Best Friend Joel "ESKI" headed out the last evening of the Wyoming turkey season to fill his last tag. After climbing up a 1700' rock face to reach a small plateau, he set up. The birds had been using this small out crop all season as a safe roosting spot accessible only by flight or a 80 degree climb. He heard gobblers in the drainage below and made several excited hen cackles with his Maple Shine Box and simulated an early fly up with his hat. The gobblers went crazy that there was already a hen at the roost! in a matter of minutes 2 gobblers took flight and landed with in 15 yards on the top of the plateau. He took the bigger of the 2 birds. Thanks for the picture and great story Brother!

Great Testimony from Florida

A great Shine Box customer from Florida sends his best after a great FL turkey season. I will be down there next year to experience a FL GATOR hunt!
Thanks Billy!
Eric, I called in four Osceola's this past season for a client, and my son-in-law (which was the second picture I sent you), all but one was with the shine box I had gotten just B-4 gobbler season from you on E-Bay, the Osceola's responded VERY well to the clucks and purrs it produced. When I get the other call from you, I've already promised my son-in-law the one we used to call in his bird. Gator season begins in most County's in August/September. We applied for a license where we took a 13' footer last year see Pic below, but haven't gotten confirmation back yet. We had a good Turkey season this year,Good hearing from you, and God bless. Billy

Monday, June 6, 2011

Shine Box Wild Turkey Harvest Report

Well it's the first week of June and turkey hunting has wrapped up in just about all the states. The numbers listed below are from Shine Box Turkey call users from all over the U.S. Who either sent pictures, e-mails, or called me on the phone to let us know their Shine Box Worked for them this year. "Thank You!" With out your support I wouldn't have the passion to continue making calls and striving to make new designs. I know of one man who used a Shine Box on the oscillated wild turkey in the Yucatan but the bird came in to his decoy without calling. So I cant count that in the harvest report. great Job to all Hunters!!
Shine Box Wild Turkey Harvest Report for 2011
Eastern Birds...57
Osceola Birds...18
Merriams Birds...31
Goulds Birds...2
Rio Birds...18
total.. 126 birds

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ebony Buckeye Call takes SD Gobblers

Our Ebony Buckeye Burl Shine Box takes a SD double. These 2 SD Merriams gobblers fell to the heavenly notes of a custom made Ebony Buckeye burl call made this winter. The birds were both shot by 1 arrow making it a true double. Great shooting and thanks for the sweet photo.

Sand Creek Gray Beards Custom Call

Good luck to the Sand Creek Gray Beards Chapter of the MN NWTF on their fund raising banquet this week. I hope your custom one of a kind call brings your chapter the extra needed funds to continue the NWTF mission. Best of luck