Monday, April 16, 2012

American Beauty Turkey Call

Just completed this American Holly and Buckeye burl call the other day and it's hot. Holly sounds super sweet and this baby will hit auction maybe next week if someone doesn't take it off my hands by then.I loaded up the front and burned 2 big old gobblers on its face.

Yellow heart Scratch Box Turkey Call

Just posted this yellow heart figured maple call on ebay. It is inlayed with black walnut and maple. I dressed the front with a full strutter crossing a low spot in a barbed wire fence. good luck!

NWTF Competition grade Scratch Box Turkey Call

Just wrapped up a small run of 4 figured black walnut calls. I paired them up with some killer yellow heart and mahogany. They were labeled 1 through 4. best of luck fellas.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gobbler trio done on African Cherry

I did a live burning of this beautiful call at the 2012 Minneapolis Sports Show last week. The call sounds awesome and I gave the MAG striker a nice touch by wrapping the strikers 3 side with a close up of a gobblers head. total burn time wa 2 hours. Good friend Campbell from Texas snapped this one up before it hit the table to be listed for sale. Good luck buddy!

"Gator Call." Scratch Box Turkey Calls

I was asked to burn a swimming gator on a call by a good friend from Texas. Here it is burned on figured maple.