Friday, March 25, 2011

Going Old School

I had the pleasure of meeting an old school call maker 2 weeks ago in South Dakota His name was John. I recognized Johns name from one of Earl Mickels earlier books so I knew I should listen to the words of wisdom and secrets he was about to share. He schooled me in the ways of pot call making and pounded the sound out of a pot call I had made but didn't produce very good sound.. John played my pot call so hard that I swear the striker was on FIRE! The sound was amazing coming from my non sounding pot call. He played it like a freaking BANJO tapping his foot with the rhythm of his clucks and yelps and kee kees. When finished he said "See sometime you gotta slap that HORSE in the Ass!" My beautiful non sounding pot call was vindicated. He later told me one of favorite woods was hickory and the wood made excellent strikers, pots calls, and box calls. He strongly recommended I try the wood for my scratch box calls. He said I would not be disappointed. So I did and he was right. This Hickory Wood did make a sweet sounding Shine Box. Here it is.

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