Friday, December 23, 2011

Long Box Turkey Call Wood Burning Complete

Here it is the Long Box Call wood burning is complete. Here are the before and after images.

Custom burned Pot Call Strikers

I've had a small request for burning pot call strikers lately. It was the first time for me burning on a striker like this and it looks really cool. I made three to pair with some Bamboo Pot Calls I made and man are they nice!

X-Mas Bamboo Pot Calls

I just finished these beautiful Bamboo Pot Calls for Christmas gifts. The bamboo pot were milled by my great friend Larry and I assembled & finished'em. I made 2 Ambered Glass over Slate and on Slate over Slate. All three received custom wood burning on the bottom. Being the Bamboo is from northern China I thought some Chinese writing was appropriate. I paired each call with a custom burned striker. Yellow Heart-Padauk-Dogwood. Thanks Larry for the awesome sounding pots.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Big'ol South Dakota Whitetail

Thanks again for another super photo. Pro staffer Jondean was busy harvesting some fine game this fall! He already sent us a great South Dakota Prong Horn Antelope photo then this beast of a Whitetail. A nice 5x5 Buck, Nice Job Jondean. I DIG your Camo!

Rochester Late Season Goose Hunt

My Brother Dennis and I were invited to Rochester MN for a late season goose hunt 2 weeks ago. We sat in an underground pit nestled in a small patch of corn. We had 16 total hunters and 2 guides/callers as well. They called in the geese and we tried to harvest 2 each. The total for the day was 14 and almost everyone went home with a goose that wanted one.
Late season goose is some of the tastiest goose of the year seeing they are concentrated near a feed source and fatten up for their migration. Here is a snap shot of the view from the HOLE!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Great Day In the Field

I spent last Sunday in the field with some great friends and members of Shine Box Pro Staff chasing ringneck pheasants. Mother nature provided us with a 43 degree December day!! We took advantage and bagged some really nice birds. Colt had a chance to show his pointing skills and didn't disappoint me. We bagged 16 birds total and enjoyed 6 of them for dinner! I love Pheasant and Colt got some to.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Minnesota Long Box

Just Started this beast of a long box call, this will be a 2 sided masterpiece. Stick around to see it complete. Its made of Purple Heart, Yellow Heart, and figured Maple. This Call was made by a great friend and I'm just doing some art work on it.

Sweet Full size Box Call

Currently working on this awesome full size box call. Tune in the next few days to see it complete.

Gobbler Head Trio

Just wrapped up these 3 beauties. All gobbler heads are complete originals and never the same. The calls are made of Juniper/Black Walnut, Birdseye Maple, and Black Walnut/Bing Cherry. All three of the bad boys have the Magnetic Striker system in them.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Air Boat Gator taken with BOW!

Bayou Billy sent in this picture of a huge gator taken with a bow. Keep'em coming we love to see the dangerous game pictures.

Maple King Shine Box Turkey Call

Just released the last of the Maple Kings to ebay. I made these bad boys this summer for the 2011 Game Fair and decided to sell the one I kept. It sounds amazing and the figured Maple just sings. I do have materials left to make 2 more????

Another North Florida Gobbler

Be sure to send us your 2011 Turkey Hunting pictures for our Fall Hunting Photo Contest. Here's another great Florida Gobbler

Dual Florida Whitetail Bucks

Two NICE Florida Whitetail Bucks Taken By Bayou Bill and John. You're stacking up the Contest Photos!
Thanks again for the pictures

One Of a Kind Claro Black Walnut Turkey Call

Just complete this Beautiful Claro Black Walnut Shine Box Turkey Call. I had to burn something on it. 2 Morel mushrooms lifting out of the grass was the idea. This call also has the MAG system in and was just placed on ebay.

Fall Swap Longbeard Oseola taken with a Juniper Shine Box

This old swap bird was brought it with the sounds of a Juniper Shine Box. Nice Bird!

More pictures for our Fall Hunting Photo contest

Here's a great picture of a Gator taken in Florida by Bayou Billy. A great picture for our 2011 hunting photo contest. Get us your pictures soon we will choose the winner at the end of the year.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wingbone Call with burned image.

Pyrography is any art created by fire on a variety of mediums. Most common is wood or paper but also can have amazing detail and realism when done on leather and bone. Here is an example of true pyrography done on a Wild Turkey Wing Bone Call. The image is just over one and a half inches long and was created using a stippling effect. Stippling is an art form creating an image using hundreds of tiny dots.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Turkey Box Call Lid Western Trio with Apache Art.

Just completed the beautiful box call lid made of sassafras a wonderful sweet smelling hard wood. The image is of a boss gobbler surrounded by an Elk & Bighorn Ram emerging out of clouds of smoke. Both ends of the lid are capped with Apache Indian art designs.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wild Cherry Box Call Lid Hot Off the Burner

This custom burned Wild Cherry Box Call Lid was just completed for a good friend. Gobbler Head and Whitetail Deer. The deer image is from a picture of a head mount he has in his house. A very nice whitetail brought to life on the lid. I believe the Cherry lid will be played over a Walnut core. Can't wait to see & hear the call when completed.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Back in Black

I will be putting the Black Beauty back into a short production run. I will be making 5 of these calls. the call is made of Ebony, Black Walnut, Bloodwood, and maple. this call has the signature MAG system.

Just cut into a sweet piece of Buckeye Burl

The first cut of Burl produced this beautiful call. It was tuned to a low raspy tone. It's made of Buckeye Burl Purple Heart and figured Maple. I'll be making several more of these calls if you are interested in one contact me quick.

My Daughters third Grouse hunt trip payed off

My daughter loves coming out with me and my pointer Colt to chase birds. Last week her patience payed off and we got a nice grey phase ruffed grouse which she insisted on carrying it the entire way.

My first Crossbow Whitetail Deer

2 weeks ago I bagged my first Whitetail Deer in northern Minnesota. I was using my Horton Vision175 Crossbow and took the shot at 20 yards to fill my bonus tag. I had major bicep surgery over a year ago that left unable to draw my bow. I was awarded a lifetime crossbow permit which I'm putting to use.

Fall Hunting Photo Contest entry From South Dakota

Thanks for the entry for our fall photo contest. Sent in By Jondean from Rapid City SD. Very nice high plains Pronghorn Antelope. Good Shooting Jondean and keep the photos coming in.

Fast Eddie bags 1st ever Ruff Grouse

Hunting the early September grouse season in the Chippewa National Forest near Leech lake MN can be a blast. Walking the first 1/4 mile Colt my blue Wimeraner put up 13 grouse. We only got one! Dues to the extremely warm fall weather here the trees had all their foliage still giving you a window of 3 seconds to make a shot. I missed 4 birds and Dad bagged his first. A nice 2 year old male with a full Ruff and Tail.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Beautiful Wood Burning of a Black Lab named "Raven"

Just completed this wonderful wood burning of a special Black Lab named "Raven". Burning Black or dark images can be very time consuming layering down levels of extremely high heat to get the true black look. If there's not enough heat the image may look brown or in this case a chocolate lab. Dogs are a lot of fun to burn, I can always capture the true spirit of the animal even through a picture. This wood burning was burned over a fine piece of figured birds eye maple.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Whitetail Deer Report Midwest

It's was a hot September and first part of October with highs in the 70'& 80's. We have many reports of the deer concentrating the movements near a water source. The extra fat reserves that deer put on in the early fall along with a coat that is getting thicker for winter can cause deer to over heat quickly. Whitetail deer do not sweat or pant to cool down so they will concentrate near a water source to bask in the heat of the day. So keep that in mind when stalking or setting up your deer stand on a hot day.
Reports are coming in with many deer taken in or near sloughs and bogs this early fall. Look for heavy trails coming in and out of these types of areas. be sure to send us your pictures and enter our fall photo contest. We have 4 entries so far.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2012 Spring Photo Contest

Prepare you cameras for the 2012 Spring Turkey season! Shine Box Turkey Call is going to have a Flowers of Turkey Hunting photo contest. Why? Over the course of my short 16 year of turkey hunting in the spring, I've seen so many spring wild flowers that only come out in the short window of the early season. Many of these wild flowers only thrive for a few weeks and are gone never to be seen by those who don't venture into the turkeys world.
Turkey hunters have a special closeness to the earth. Many of us hunt sitting on the ground for hours of the day taking in every sight and sound that mother nature has for us. I think all turkey hunters have seen a flower or two and thought to themselves "WOW. I've never seen that flower before!" So here's your chance to snap a photo and win.
The Shine Box Pro Staff and I will choose the best entry and they will win a Set of Natural Gear Hunting Camouflage. (set will include) pants-shirt-hat-face mask-gloves.
The photos posted are pictures of flowers I saw this 2011 season from 3 different states and are an example of what you should submit. Please give us a brief description of the flower if you know what it is,the state/region your photo came from along with your name and contact info.
ALL entries MUST sign up as a follower to our blog site and submit their photo after the spring 2012 season opens in your state. Send Photos to
All photos will be posted and Winner will be chosen at the end of June 2012.

Fall hunting is HERE! Enter Your Photo and WIN!!

We love to post pictures of our followers during the hunting season regardless of the game harvested. Of course Turkeys are our favorite but Ducks, Geese, Pheasants, Deer, Moose, Elk, What ever you chase will fit right into our blog site. Send us your pictures of you fall hunt and get them posted.

I'm starting a photo contest this fall 2011. Send us your pictures of game you harvested this Fall 2011. My Pro Staff and I will choose the best picture and the winner will get a free custom burned Shine Box of their choice.

To enter your photo for the contest you must sign up as a follower to this blog site and send your photos to me at

Nappa Valley Rio

This tail mount kit was made for a special Nappa Valley Rio taken By Stephanie G. this spring 2011. The kit features a full strut Gobbler in a vineyard burned over a beautiful piece of figured birds eye maple..
Congrats Stephanie on your first Rio! To learn more about how to get a custom burned piece like Stephanie's feel free to email us or visit our web site

Fast Eddy bags first Merriams Long Beard

Pro Staff Member Fast Eddy bags first Wyoming Gobbler. After a long battle with a group of 25 birds off the roost,Eddy pulled 2 hens and a tom away in our direction with a Bing Cherry Shine Box using a series of fly down cackles and excited yelps..

The hens came right in and picked with the Flambeau ladies, but the tom in full strut stayed at 60 yards out. After 10 mins the hens started to move out and the window was closing on the full strut tom. Eddy said he was confident taking the shot with his Remington 1100 3" MAG at that range. He pulled the trigger and sent a load of 3" Heavy Shot #5 at the gobbler and rolled him over dead. The range finder read 69 yards. Nice Shot! We will get this video footage posted on you tube soon.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Beautiful Black Hills Merriams

Thanks Eski for a sweet photo of another Black Hills Merriams Gobbler. This bird was taken at 28 yards and came in to a Butternut Shine Box series of clucks.

Monday, August 22, 2011


I just want to take the time to thanks all my family and friends that helped me and my small company make another stride forward.
My wife for taking the time to listen to me tune over 400 turkey calls in my shop and putting up with all the machines running day and night!!! You're the love of my life and thank you for all your support as I chase a dream, as my partner you've watched me walk the roughest roads and always have been at my side. Thank You!
My brother & father who helped me assemble over 600 turkey calls in several weeks of hard work and late nights. Without you I wouldn't have had the man power to make it all run. You work your ass off and ask for nothing in return! I'd do the same for you! Thank You.
Larry, Through your help we were able to assemble over half of our turkey calls with your time and equipment in less than 3 weeks. Because of you we were able to donate over 85 free turkey calls to KIDS!! You donated your time and extra materials to help keep kids active in the turkey hunting heritage. In my opinion that's the greatest contribution anyone can give, keeping our children anchored in the hunting heritage is the only way it stays alive! Thank You.


New Shine Box Customers

If you recently purchased a shine box turkey call there's some important thing to remember.Pressure is key when operating a scratch box call. Remember the weight of the call will start your sound!! Use the following steps to becoming a scratch box pro, it wont take long until you are making some of the truest hen sounds ever..
1. start with the call at a 90 degree angle any less no sound on the striker (keep the flat surface of the call in contact with the round striker surface)
2. make sure the surfaces are cleaned with sand paper and fresh liberal amounts of chalk are used.
3. use minimal pressure to start your purr
4. increase pressure as needed
5. see February posts sound bites to view videos
6. start with minimal pressure and increase as scratching the striker.

Game Fair Over

Thanks for every ones support during the 2011 Game Fair out at Armstong Kennels. Shine Box was fortunate to have our tent right next to the NWTF tent on the main strip. We opened our tent sides together to create a 40'x 40' Wild Turkey exhibit. If we had Young's Calls there with us we would've had 50' of space celebrating the Wild Turkey. Youngs Calls was located down by the lake showcasing his sweet sounding line of duck & goose calls along with some premium sounding turkey pot calls & box calls. Shine Box had tremendous success introducing the scratch box turkey call to Minnesota's turkey hunters. Thank You NWTF Minnesota for another warm welcome.

Eric & Shine Box Pro Staff

Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011 Game Fair

Shine Box Turkey Calls is gearing up for the 2011 Game Fair. The Fair runs 2 weekends. 8/12 - 8/14, and 8/19 - 8/21. We've got a lot of beautiful calls for sale & we're hoping for some good weather. Although, rain or shine...we will be there. Please stop by and say "Hello". We will get some pics posted once the show is underway. Hope to see you there!

Monday, July 18, 2011

New for the 2012 season Shine Box Assassins

New for the 2012 season will be a run a Shine Box Calls made from our most popular woods the Juniper & Poplar. The first will be the AM Assassin made from a solid core of our finest Juniper or Poplar with a yellow heart top and striker. Next is the PM Assassin made from Juniper or Poplar with an Ebony top and striker. The Am is a sweet talker and the PM will be a loud talker.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Valley Longbeards Chapter Arizona Custom call

This Shine Box Call is made of South American Box Wood. It is considered a very rare wood that has been used of wood carving and drum making for over 500 years in parts of South America. Sought after for its silky smooth light colored wood this species makes a wonderful turkey call. It produces some of the truest sound I've pulled out of a wood in 10 years. Good luck to the Valley Longbeards on their fundraiser.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Macadamia Nut Complete

Macadamia Nut makes a sweet sounding call and smells great when milling it too. This one is going for sale soon. It will be the last macadamia I make for a while.