Monday, September 27, 2010

Shine Box Slow Going

Having had surgery to reattach my bicep to my forearm has really slowed me down. I'm still making calls with the help of my father fast EDDY. I still can't use the wood burning tool so any orders for that are out at this point maybe soon!
We do have some new stuff going on we are working on a zebra wood call for the fall season, and some new bocote wood. The bocote Shine Box was a hot item this off season so I ordered an exquisite piece! I did finish the moon ebony or green ebony call and it sounds really nice. They're available I have 3 left. I may miss the Minnesota NWTF calling contest this year due to the bicep injury but that's ok I will however be at the Black Hills Sportsman Show in SD in Feb of 2011.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

HD Gobbler on Black Walnut

HD Gobblers on Black Walnut with the triple design. I chose a lighter piece of black walnut to burn this image, it turned out really good. Black Walnut has to be one of the best turkey call woods out there it sounds great every time!! This call is slightly deeper in dimention to try some new sound options. Should still ship for just under $2.00

Limited Sporting Edition releasing 5th image

HOT OFF THE BURNER!! Releasing the 5th Sporting image Drake Wood Duck in water. The call is burned on cherry and is the triple design. This was a tough image to burn due to the amount of shading but an image that I've already duplicated. I've burned 2 of these so far and don't know if I will do more due to the long burn time. No price yet on these but feel free to inquire.