Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wingbone Call with burned image.

Pyrography is any art created by fire on a variety of mediums. Most common is wood or paper but also can have amazing detail and realism when done on leather and bone. Here is an example of true pyrography done on a Wild Turkey Wing Bone Call. The image is just over one and a half inches long and was created using a stippling effect. Stippling is an art form creating an image using hundreds of tiny dots.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Turkey Box Call Lid Western Trio with Apache Art.

Just completed the beautiful box call lid made of sassafras a wonderful sweet smelling hard wood. The image is of a boss gobbler surrounded by an Elk & Bighorn Ram emerging out of clouds of smoke. Both ends of the lid are capped with Apache Indian art designs.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wild Cherry Box Call Lid Hot Off the Burner

This custom burned Wild Cherry Box Call Lid was just completed for a good friend. Gobbler Head and Whitetail Deer. The deer image is from a picture of a head mount he has in his house. A very nice whitetail brought to life on the lid. I believe the Cherry lid will be played over a Walnut core. Can't wait to see & hear the call when completed.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Back in Black

I will be putting the Black Beauty back into a short production run. I will be making 5 of these calls. the call is made of Ebony, Black Walnut, Bloodwood, and maple. this call has the signature MAG system.

Just cut into a sweet piece of Buckeye Burl

The first cut of Burl produced this beautiful call. It was tuned to a low raspy tone. It's made of Buckeye Burl Purple Heart and figured Maple. I'll be making several more of these calls if you are interested in one contact me quick.

My Daughters third Grouse hunt trip payed off

My daughter loves coming out with me and my pointer Colt to chase birds. Last week her patience payed off and we got a nice grey phase ruffed grouse which she insisted on carrying it the entire way.

My first Crossbow Whitetail Deer

2 weeks ago I bagged my first Whitetail Deer in northern Minnesota. I was using my Horton Vision175 Crossbow and took the shot at 20 yards to fill my bonus tag. I had major bicep surgery over a year ago that left unable to draw my bow. I was awarded a lifetime crossbow permit which I'm putting to use.

Fall Hunting Photo Contest entry From South Dakota

Thanks for the entry for our fall photo contest. Sent in By Jondean from Rapid City SD. Very nice high plains Pronghorn Antelope. Good Shooting Jondean and keep the photos coming in.

Fast Eddie bags 1st ever Ruff Grouse

Hunting the early September grouse season in the Chippewa National Forest near Leech lake MN can be a blast. Walking the first 1/4 mile Colt my blue Wimeraner put up 13 grouse. We only got one! Dues to the extremely warm fall weather here the trees had all their foliage still giving you a window of 3 seconds to make a shot. I missed 4 birds and Dad bagged his first. A nice 2 year old male with a full Ruff and Tail.