Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Shine Box Customers

When your new Shine Box arrives it may smell strong of oil when first opened. All Shine boxes receive a moisture treatment inside and out, packaging can concentrate the oil smell if the call has just been made. Don't worry the oil used needs a couple days of open air to harden in the wood and so the smell can dissipte. At Shine Box Turkey Calls we don't use any lacqure, stain, or poly coating finish. We only use a natural wood oil product that brings out the beauty of the grain, seals out moisture, and preserves natural wood color!

HD High Detail Gobbler Edition?

I was asked if I could burn a gobbler image with more detail buy an ebay customer last week. I don't think he visited the blog site so I said sure can! I burned this image of two full strut gobblers with high detail and thought it looked sweet! I'll be burning more of these HD gobblers!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

King's Wood Complete

The King is complete! Sorry for the wait. After many questions about when I was going to complete this Special Edition Call I decided to work on it. Another great looking wood with rich deep purple and brown tones this one is gonna be a true special edition. The wood was easily tuned to produce true hen turkey tones. This wood is from the same genus as cocobolo, rose wood, and tulip wood. It comes from smallish trees and harvested for its beautiful grain and color. It ranks around 1700 on the hardness scale making it a great acoustical wood. I have a very small quantity of this wood, so it will be around for a short time.