Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Special Edition Calls Going Great!

The Burmese Black Wood is just about sold out, I would love to carry this beautiful wood but it is very hard to get, and I really dont know how this wood will hold up in more humid climates? This piece of wood came with a half inch of wax coating its outside. Pain in the rear removing it to. The Canary Wood is also going great and people really love the sound that comes from this wood. I am going to make an attempt to stock Canary Wood in the Shine Box line up. It burns good and looks great with a turkey image on it!! I'll get some pictures of the Canary wood with a burned image soon. I have 2 new woods coming soon to the Special Edition line up, Moon Ebony and Zircote both are amazing in color and grain. Pictures will come soon!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Burmese Black Wood Special Edition Call Complete

Burmese Black Wood Shine Box also complete. A very dense oily wood from southern Burma in China with a rich dark black and chocolate grain, also a perfume aroma! Looks are wonderful, sounds great with a good low, medium, and high tone. This wood is very hard to find and work with. the selected piece only yielded 6 calls and I broke one.oops. asking price is $30.00 please contact us if interested.

Canary Wood Special EditionShine Box

Canary Wood Special Edition Shine Box is complete. Its sounds great producing true hen turkey sounds! This selected piece of wood produced 6 calls. Selling price here is $30.00 please contact us if interested.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Just some news

The new wood species should be arriving any day. I cant wait to begin working with them. Kings Wood not(king Billys Pine) Canary Wood, and Burmese Black wood. They will be available in very small quantities. Also the Unique Grained Bocote Wood Shine Box is almost gone just a few left. Be sure to check in again to see the new Special Edition Wood Shine Boxes.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Premium Shine Box

The Premium Shine Boxes are made of the highest quality booked matched maple veneer. We have a beautiful Quilted Birds Eye and Jaw Dropping Angel Step Maple veneer. These Veneers are applied over a piece of solid Rock Maple Stock with the best acoustical wood glue Available! That means that the glue does not impede on sound or function just like a violin, cello, or guitar! I use canary wood for the sound board for great looks. These are available upon request and look awesome. Asking price is $25.00.. I know I spelled angel wrong on the call??! That one is half price :)

Second Sporting Edition Image Released

Here it is! The second Released Image "Dueling Green Heads." Two Drake Mallards positioning for their landing in a wetland back drop. Again 5 will be made and one will go to auction on Ebay. The first image "The Ring Neck" sold quickly and the last one is currently at auction. Don't miss out on this one. If interested PLEASE e-mail ASAP. Please feel free to leave a comment on these images!!.. Or if there's something your may be interested in contact us..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Happenings

Limited Sporting Edition "The Ring Neck" is just about gone! the last one is on Ebay!! Next Image will be done soon. I have successfully tuned the Blood wood and will offer them soon. These will be a Special Edition Shine Box and will be made in very low numbers. This wood is so dense and hard it feels like stone, and wears my woodworking tools like I'm working with stone!! It looks and sounds great but it wiped out one saw blade and 2 fostner bits like they were made of rubber! not to mention my hand carving tools. I'm holding back on the Purple Heart wood to work on some new Canary, Burma Black Wood, and Kings Wood. These will also be Special Edition low number Calls. Pictures will come soon. Thanks for checking in!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

First release of the Limited Sporting Edition

Here's the first of the Limited Sporting Edition. "The Ring Neck". This image will be available only on a Maple or Cherry Shine Box. The Shine Box in the picture is on Cherry and an Original style call. I do not copy other artists work; each image is a complete original. Please keep in mind that I hand sketch and then burn each image one at a time, and they may vary when I replicate them. NO calls are alike when it comes to beauty in grain or image. I will have 4 of "The Ring Neck" available on my blog site the other 1 will go to auction. That means if you are interested in "The Ring Neck" call you must contact me here on the blog page. Each Limited Sporting Edition call will have the production number burnt on the bottom. The one in the Picture is 1 of 5. The asking price for the Limited Sporting Edition is $50.00 Be sure to visit us again here at Shine Box to see what's coming next!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Wood Coming to Shine Box Line

We have secured a Very small amount of the Coveted King Wood. Once desired by the kings of European Countries to use for their Furniture and private Quarters. "Perfect for the Shine Box Line-up." These days it's highly used by woodturners for high-end pens, chess pieces and items like salt and pepper shakers. This rare wood has a Beautiful grain and color pattern as seen in the photo. The coloration can vary from a deep purple to yellowish color in the grain. I will begin working with it as soon as it arrives. Please visit again to see the finished product.