Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012 NWTF Minnesota State Convention 2nd Place Decorative Open Division

Here's my 2012 NWTF Minnesota Decorative Open Class 2ND place winner. It is a short box call made of South American Box Wood, Curly Koa, Yellow Heart, and Afzalia Burl. The lid is yellow heart. This turkey call is completely custom burned by hand. The lid has a side view of a gobblers head with a Whitetail deer burned over it. Then there's a full strut gobbler burned over the White tail deer. The handle of the paddle has a frontal image of a gobblers head.
The side of the box call has a slab crappie in the weeds chasing 2 minnows. the opposite side has 2 chickadees and cherry blossoms (my wife's idea). The total burn time was 28 hrs. it has a nice high raspy tone.

Vikings Call Set Completed for 2012 NWTF MN State Convention

I worked on this 4 call set with my great friend Larry S. for the 2012 NWTF Minnesota State Convention. Our plan was to make a MN Vikings themed call set and donate it 100% to the NWTF Minnesota State Convention banquet to help raise money. We entered the set in the call making competition as well and it was placed 3rd in its category! At the start of the NWTF Banquet's live auction it was auctioned off to the high bidder. The set sold for $350.00! The set was made with Purple Heart wood, Yellow heart wood, and figured Maple. This 4 call set included 1 long box(made by Larry), 1 short box(made by Larry), 1 crystal over yellow heart pot call(made by Larry), and 1 magnetic scratch box(made by ME Eric). I custom burned all the box calls just for the state convention. See if you can spot the image that is in all 3 box calls?