Friday, February 25, 2011

Hot Off the Burner!!

These 2 close ups are called "Head Shot." and "I see you!" The head shot image is a variation of the close up call entered in the 2011 NWTF Minnesota call making championships. The competition call featured a colored head and colored tail fan in the background. I can add color to almost all of my Wood burned calls if the image is not to small. I'm working on several high lighted images right now and will get them posted soon.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Shine Box Give Away!

If you harvest a bird this spring and used a Shine Box on your hunt we want to know about it! Your comments are what drive us to make these great little hunting tools. Send us a photo of the harvested bird with your shine box in the picture and I will send you a free Shine Box Turkey Call for being a loyal follower.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Wood to the Special Edition

My shipment of exotics came in on Friday and the small board of African Movingui was in the box!! and it was figured with a curly wavy grain. It was very expensive to get this wood and to get a figured piece is sweet! I hope it was worth the price? I had to burn an image on it to see how the colwood super pro 2 handled it. It took an image nicely all 3 of them. If you want a piece of this Yellow wood get in touch with me fast these wont last long! In the box was also a beautiful slab of Magnolia!

Good luck Rush Creek Long Beards & Straight River Strutters

Good luck to the Rush Creek Long Beards and Straight River Strutters on your NWTF Banquets coming up this weekend. I burned these 2 Shine Box Calls for each Chapter to be auctioned off this weekend. I hope they serve your chapters well.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Shine Box Padauk & Buckeye Sound Bite

This sound bite was recorded with a cannon digital camera in my house.

Shine Box Shadow Oak Sound Bite

This sound bite was recorded with a cannon digital camera in my house.

Shine Box Orange Crush Sound Bite

This recording was done using a cannon digital camera in my house.

Shine Box Ice Cube Sound Bite

This sound bite was recorded with a cannon digital camera in my house,not the best recording device but it will have to do.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shadow Oak

New Shine Box! This call was named the Shadow Oak due to its beautiful figured grain that seemed to grow like a shadow as you turned the call to admire its looks. I added a top plate of Gabon Ebony to make the figured grain appear darker in color. It worked! This is the first Oak call I've made and I really love the natural raspy sound. gonna be a new favorite. I made 10 of these Shadow Oak calls. Contact me if interested or leave a comment.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blue Wood Series "Ice Cube"

The "Ice Cube" is one of our old designs brought back to life and given a blue top. It always sounded good but with modifications and a maple core & striker sounds even better. It will cool even the hottest gobbler!

Blue Wood Series "All American"

This is a new Shine Box Call design featuring a bottom of natural RED padauk a Solid White core of Figured Maple and a top of Blue Buckeye Burl. RED, WHITE and Blue make it the All American Turkey Call. A blue Buckeye striker comes with it and the Shine Box usual. We made 10 of these calls and hope you enjoy the sweet tones they produce. We can tune this one to a low rasp or high pitch young hen if desired.

Blue Wood Series Shine Boxes

We brought back the popular blue wood series of Shine Box Calls. We made a few of these about 3 years ago and couldn't get the blue wood fast enough to keep up with demand, so we stopped making it. After some new improvements and new designs we are making them again. Our Blue Wood is stabilized blue dyed buckeye burl. The Buckeye has amazing swirling grain and shine when finished.
Through the process of stabilization the wood is impregnated with blued dyed acrylic to make the wood hard enough for wood turners to make pens and small wooden pieces. This acrylic acts similar to the surface on a pot calls, and when scored bites the striker surface hard making extremely crisp popping clucks & the softest purs and putts.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Northen Plains Ultimate Outdoor Expo

We will be at the Northern Plains Ultimate Outdoor Expo in Rapid City SD in March. the Dates run from March 11-13th. Stop by and see us and let us know that you are a follower. Enter the drawings for some awesome custom made turkey call made award winning call makers.

Just out! Red Wood Burl Shine Box

We just finished the Red Wood Burl call and it is amazing. The sound is CRISP and a nice natural medium tone. I tuned one to low tone with nasty rasp and it's gonna be a gobbler getter! don't miss out the Spring season is just around the corner.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sound Bites for the Inferno and Buckeye call on ebay

Here are the sound bites for the Buckeye and Inferno call. They sound pretty good considering they inside the kitchen of my house. Any questions let me know.

New Buckeye Shine Box.

Another Buckeye Burl call just hit the shelf and looks and sounds sweet. Crisp medium tone, just the right amount of rasp, top notch looks sounds like a Shine Box. Figured Maple top, Mun Ebony core maple strip over natural buckeye burl.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Inferno Series HOT!!!

I just completed the Inferno series of calls. Made from a HOT cut of burl wood from Laos. I will make a limited run of this beauty. Sounds sweet, a medium to low tone and raspy!! I'll have a sound bite up soon. Contact us ASAP this one is HOT!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2 for 1 Complete!

2 for 1 image is complete. Total burn time 2 hrs and 13 mins. took 13 minutes to figure out what to put on the back! This Custom wood burning was done for the North Metro Long Beards as a thanks for the hospitality and will be put up for auction at their banquet on March 3rd 2011. Thanks again Larry and Don!