Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 NWTF Minnesota State Convention 3rd place winner

This Call was a new design For Shine Box and done for the sole purpose of the state call making competition.. I went away form my traditional 2 piece design and constructed this 19 piece design all made of wood. The wood combo is as follows Macadamia wood from the Oahu Hawaii, Ebony, South American Box Wood (sound board), and American Holly.

This call was hands down the most difficult scratch box call I've ever constructed. With 19 pieces means lots of glue seams to make perfect!!! 3 weeks to slowly glue and sand each piece to fit perfectly to pass the judging eye. After tuning to a smooth medium tone and sanding down to 600 grit I burned a single full strut gobbler on the front wrapping the image up onto the top of the call. The striker was solid Macadamia Wood with my signature magnetic striker system.
I was very let down that it only took a 3rd place due to the amount of effort and time I had into the call, but the silent auction price did speak volumes bringing in more than the 1st & 2nd place winners combined. Some NWTF convention silent auction bidders couldn't believe how seamless the call was and loved the sound of the South American Box Wood. It was a 1st place winner in my mind. I did however wonder how my entry for nationals would've done at the state convention I'll never know.

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