Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 Minnesota NWTF Sanctioned Turkey Calling Contest

Congrats to My daughter Adriana (age 6)on her second place finish in the Poult division of the 2012 State NWTF turkey calling competition. Adriana had to produce the following sounds, plain yelp of the hen, the cluck, and the purr. She use a 5 piece black walnut call with a yellow heart lid made by me. After her 2nd place win she asked if I could burn an image on the lid for her. I said "sure honey what do you want". she said " I would like a dragon and a unicorn and a killer whale!!!". Well a 6 year old has quite an imagination. I have to say that this will be a first a Dragon, Unicorn, Killer Whale call LOL!!!! Stick around I'll have photos of this when it's done

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