Friday, February 24, 2012

Weather Reports from Shine Box Pro Staff around the U.S.A

South Eastern Region.
Poor ole turkeys. The weather down here is changing so fast they don't know whether they are coming or going. For that matter, neither do I.
One morning I go to the woods to listen, the next morning I go back and I couldn't hear one gobble if he did, for the sound of the frost crunching underfoot. Then the next day its nice and warm again.
Oh well. The tracks are where they're supposed to be, the guns are patterned and the calls are chalked, and opening day is only a month away.
Let the games begin!
Wayne Allen Pro Staff Georgia.

North Midwest Region
Best winter ever! Temperatures have been in the 40's for months unheard of!! we are used to -20 & -30's through January and February old man winter must be in Florida!. Very Little to no snow. Just got a dusting but I saw the southern part of our state got several inches the other day, but the 35-40 degree weather will melt it fast. We should have a great survival rate this year and more hens means more broods!
Joe Hanson Pro Staff Norther Minnesota

Midwest Region Door County WI
Weather has been abnormal here. Temps in the 30's-40's have had some snow but melting as fast as it comes. Been seeing a good amount of turkeys in the Cherry Orchards more than normal, maybe due to the lack of snow letting birds search for food. Been seeing Gobblers strutting their stuff already to.
Donald Munch Pro Staff Sister Bay Wisconsin.

Western Region Wyoming
Temps have been right around 30 -40 degrees in the western black hills area. Raining today? have had dusting's of snow but definitely not a normal winter. Been seeing good amounts of birds they're not snowed in and are mobile for this time of year. A good thing we need a good survival rate this winter. last year was not good. Winter finally showed in the last 2 days with a good 11-13 inches on the ground.
Joel Eschedor Pro Staff Sundance Wyoming

Western Region Black Hills SD
Windy and Cold. Slight rain and snow. Weather has been up and down in the Black Hills area.
Jondean T. Rapid City South Dakota


  1. The Osceola's are gettin' cranked up down here in Florida, Pro Staffer Joe Hanson mentioned Ole Man winter must have moved to Florida-NOT's been extremly hot, mid 80's today. Orange tree's are blooming and the whipporwills are singing and the birds are lovin' it. Seen (2) struttin today, heard some gobbling this past Saturday. I will be posting some Pic's soon of some of that action. Our season opens in two weeks, March 17th...Can't wait. Happy Hunting. "Bayou Bill"

  2. Old man winter showed up today. The northen part of our state is getting over 12" of snow. Down here in the Minneapolis area is raining hard like it's mid May or June? Even hearing thunder! I've lived here all my life and have never had a thunder storm in Feb, let alone a massive RAIN FALL! the news just reported 2" of rain for far.