Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 Midwest Turkey Call Making Competition. 2nd place winner!

I was told I needed to compete in the 2012 Wisconsin Midwest Call Making Competition back in the late fall. I didn't plan on it because of the calls I was working on for the MN NWTF state competition and my first time entries for Nationals. I decided to go for it and spent hours looking over hundreds of color combos that I'd created and remembering the sounds produced by various exotic/domestic wood combos. I selected 5 pictures of calls I made in the past year and printed them on a sheet of paper. I asked 12 people to select the call that caught their eye the most. It was very clear one color scheme stood out over the rest. Construction began!
I went to my Sponsor (Rockler) first and selected a pen blank of Gold Dyed Big Leaf Maple Burl then I hit the scrap bin in hopes to find a piece of Yellow Heart with the grain going the right way. I found one scrap piece with the grain close enough that I would get nice sound. I was given a small scrap piece of Blood Wood from a friend at War Bird Custom Calls and began construction. When it was complete I had this beauty. I hand burned a tom gobbling on the back with 2 tiny full strutter's on the front.
The call was carefully escorted to the Wisconsin Competition by Chris from Walls Calls. I took a 2nd place in my division and scored a 2012 Outstanding Rookie call Maker of the Year award. Thanks Chris for purchasing my call and giving it back to me. I did find out how much you paid for it!! This call also has a doppelganger that will appear somewhere else this year??

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