Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wild Tail feathers for turkeys

Donate your unused Wild turkey tail feathers for a GREAT cause. If you send us 5 tail feathers from your old turkey tail fan we will create specific artwork and donate the pieces to the NWTF to help raise funds for the Wild Turkeys!!!! If you take the time to wrap them and send them securely I will send you a free standard turkey call, picture of the art work, and a letter stating where your feathers went and how much it raised for the NWTF. Just think of the idea. Hunters like you and me really can make a difference for the NWTF and help support the Jakes programs. You can use that tail sitting in the garage for a great cause and know that you helped the NWTF. Any of the Sub species will work Easterns, Merriams, Oseolas, Rios, and Goulds will work. HELP BE A PART IN CONSERVATION OF THE WILD TURKEY Contact me via email at for more info. Please be sure to label the tail feathers with the sub species when sending.

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