Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pro Staffer fast Eddy Bags his first Eastern Gobbler

Last week my father Fast Eddy, Older Brother Big Irv, and I headed to Iowa to hunt near Albia. Both Big Irv and Fast Eddy haven't taken Eastern Birds yet. Both of them have many Merriams birds under their belts but no Easterns. Despite Horrible weather the clouds parted on a Saturday night and the sun came out in full force. The woods was full of gobblers soaking up the evening sun and thundering their locations for us to set up for the next mornings hunt. We were set up and waiting the mornings gobble filled air. We battled with 2 gobblers about 75 -80 yards away in a creek bottom and we Finlay got one to crest the ridge we sat on top of. The bird crested the ridge and thundered us one gobble to let the lovely soft yelps know he was there. He spotted the 2 hen decoys and and walked out onto the logging road, and Eddy took his 1st Eastern Gobbler. 25 lb. over 1 inch spurs and 10 inch beard.

Later that day we put the Sundance sneak on a mouthy gobbler about 200 yards in a deep creek bottom. We carefully stepped within 40 yards of the Gobbler and I made some signature Shine Box Soft yelps and the tom thundered back letting us know he was less than 20 yards around a slight rise in the land. We sat down and Irv got ready. The Gobbler circled Irv staying out of his sight. A Whitetail deer followed the old tom and stepped right in line of the gobbler as if to take the hit for his turkey friend. Irv froze like marble to avoid the Tom & Deers eyes less than 20 yards away. The Turkey moved into the clear and he shot toppling the bird and sending the whitetail rocketing the air. The Bird lay motionless and we celebrated. We walked over to the gobbler and he was GONE!? we looked for 2 hours and found nothing. Next year Irv will have an Indian Creek Shooting Systems Black Diamond Strike Turkey Choke Tube and shoot Heavy 13.

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