Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Black Hills Merriams falls to a Cherry Shine Box

Here is a great Black Hills Merriams taken 2 days ago with a Cherry Shine Box. Thanks Butch for the picture and the sweet testimony.
Eric and Shine Box Pro Staff,
I met you guys at the Black Hills Expo in March and bought a Cherry Shine Box Call and Eric custom burned a beautiful Gobbler image on it. I thought it was to pretty to use but took it on my hunt anyway. After using my battleship call for 3 hours on a group of 13 birds 150 yards away with no response I began to think I should move on. I remembered my new Shine Box in my vest and took it out of the velvet bag. I made a small run of yelps and clucks and watched 2 toms from that group turn their heads my way and look for the hen that made the yelps. "OMG! I thought!" as they peeled out of the group and came looking for the lovely sounds they heard, only thing it was me! Got the biggest of the 2 birds. Thanks Guys for the great SHINE BOX CALL!!!

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