Saturday, April 30, 2011

2 Great Friends Bag their first Wyoming Merriams Gobblers

Soon to be Pro Staffers Don & Larry headed out to Sundance Wyoming with me last week to try and bag their first Black Hills Wyoming Merriams Gobblers. My brother Joel was going to be our guide on over 3,000 acres of private land. After a day and a half of hard rain and missed opportunities Don and I put the sneak on a nice gobbler and called him in gobbling all the way with in 30 yards. Don made the shot and rolled his 1st Wyoming bird. Later that day after a snooze in the Wyoming sun Don and Larry decided to climb up an additional 1800 ft of elevation to close the gap on the high roaming gobblers we had watched for 2 days. Joel and I dropped into the thick darkness of a Cedar laden washout area to chase the birds down low. After an hour a single shot rang out from the steepest slope of the property and Larry rang up his 1st Wyoming Merriams bird. 2 great birds, 2 great hunts, and 2 great new friends! Congratulations

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