Friday, January 7, 2011

Pyrography (wood burning)

I get many emails asking if I can burn special images and wildlife scenes on various types of materials and objects. The answer is the same Yes. Pyrography can be done on several materials such as paper, leather, bone and the most common wood. I've burned on all of these mediums with great success. I have burned on wood switch plates, wood toilette seats, antlers, leather motor cycle seats, gourds, walking staffs & canes and picture frames. I can do portraits but hey take more time and I generally need several pictures of the individual. If it burns I can probably put an image on it. Plastic does burn but it melts first, sorry no plastic:(
On our Shine Box website you will be able to commission a wood burning and choose the type of wood to be burned upon. We will have videos of wood burning in action and a gallery of wood burning art. Please feel free to email or ask about our Pyrography (wood burning) Our pricing is great and varies on the image and material.
The above wood burning is an example of a commissioned wood burning done this Christmas. The customer wanted something special for his loved one. I asked him what her favorite flower was he replied "The stargazer lily!" I made a pencil sketch of this image and emailed it to him. He replied "OMG! She'll love it!" After Christmas I received a letter stating his wife absolutely loved it and displays it on her office desk. I always look forward to doing the next piece of art.

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