Friday, January 7, 2011

How to use the Scratch Box Call

The first thing to do is make sure the striker and the sound wall of the call has been sanded and ample chalk has been applied. depending on the hand used (left or right) use your dominate hand to hold the scratch box like a key with slight pressure, in the other hand grasp the striker between the pointer finger and the base of the thumb with slight pressure. PRESSURE is key here, it will determine how the call sounds & performs!!
With the striker in place turn your palm slightly up and touch the scratch box to the striker using little downward pressure. Next pull the scratch box across the striker surface SLOWLY until you get the call to purr, chip and putt. Your own ears will tell you when you are close. You will notice that the more downward pressure creates new tones and the faster you pull across the striker surface creates quicker calls.
Yelping with the call. use the same downward pressure and motion as puring & chirping at the end of the motion scoop the Scratch box upward or apply more pressure to your basic puring motion and allow the call to yelp (turn over)naturally.
Clucking with the call. Touch the scratch box to the surface of the striker with medium to light pressure hold the 2 surfaces together snap the wrist so the scratch box momentarily leaves the striker surface. Again your own ears will tell you when you are close and different amounts of pressure will give you softer of louder clucks. If you look under 2010 entries in the month of May you will see and hear how this is done.

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