Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ultimate Tail Mount Kits

You hunt every day of the season until your rear-end feels like it's no longer part of your body and your eyes burn from your icy stare & lack of sleep. You've been chasing that same old long beard for what seem like an eternity and you finally bag'em.
What next? Mount his tail-beard-and spurs and why not retire the call that brought him in. Our custom made magnetic scratch box calls come built right into the center of the tail placard. A magnetic call holds tight to the back of the placard and a magnet holds the striker tight to the call. Easily removed even with the biggest of fingers! these placards are held together with 2 brass screws a matching back board holds the tail tight to the kit.
These kits are also available with no call in the center and in 2 sizes. Eastern kit fits the standard tail and Merriam kit fits the larger tails of Gould's & Merriam's.. We offer these kits in a variety of woods from figured maple, black walnut, juniper (limited supply), cedar, cherry, and padauk.
Pricing1.Presidential Kit $140.00 Comes with Magnetic call system in center of placard and 2 gobbler image burned across the front as seen in the pictures. Gobbler image may vary. The burned gobbler image will wrap around the corners of the call as well for a full image upon removal.
2.Deluxe Kit $100 Comes with magnetic call system in center of placard with NO burned image
3.Full Burn Kit $75.00 Comes with NO call and a single gobbler image with full back drop ie forest setting, desert setting, black hills setting, or you call it.
4.No Burn Kit $35.00 Comes with choice of woods NO call and NO burn.
5.ADD a Single Gobbler to any Kit for $20.00
The pictures shown are the presidential kits. Eastern Kit in Juniper and Merriams in Black Walnut with 3 extra Gobblers.

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