Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2012 Spring Photo Contest

Prepare you cameras for the 2012 Spring Turkey season! Shine Box Turkey Call is going to have a Flowers of Turkey Hunting photo contest. Why? Over the course of my short 16 year of turkey hunting in the spring, I've seen so many spring wild flowers that only come out in the short window of the early season. Many of these wild flowers only thrive for a few weeks and are gone never to be seen by those who don't venture into the turkeys world.
Turkey hunters have a special closeness to the earth. Many of us hunt sitting on the ground for hours of the day taking in every sight and sound that mother nature has for us. I think all turkey hunters have seen a flower or two and thought to themselves "WOW. I've never seen that flower before!" So here's your chance to snap a photo and win.
The Shine Box Pro Staff and I will choose the best entry and they will win a Set of Natural Gear Hunting Camouflage. (set will include) pants-shirt-hat-face mask-gloves.
The photos posted are pictures of flowers I saw this 2011 season from 3 different states and are an example of what you should submit. Please give us a brief description of the flower if you know what it is,the state/region your photo came from along with your name and contact info.
ALL entries MUST sign up as a follower to our blog site and submit their photo after the spring 2012 season opens in your state. Send Photos to erice@shineboxturkeycall.com
All photos will be posted and Winner will be chosen at the end of June 2012.

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