Friday, October 14, 2011

Whitetail Deer Report Midwest

It's was a hot September and first part of October with highs in the 70'& 80's. We have many reports of the deer concentrating the movements near a water source. The extra fat reserves that deer put on in the early fall along with a coat that is getting thicker for winter can cause deer to over heat quickly. Whitetail deer do not sweat or pant to cool down so they will concentrate near a water source to bask in the heat of the day. So keep that in mind when stalking or setting up your deer stand on a hot day.
Reports are coming in with many deer taken in or near sloughs and bogs this early fall. Look for heavy trails coming in and out of these types of areas. be sure to send us your pictures and enter our fall photo contest. We have 4 entries so far.

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