Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fast Eddy bags first Merriams Long Beard

Pro Staff Member Fast Eddy bags first Wyoming Gobbler. After a long battle with a group of 25 birds off the roost,Eddy pulled 2 hens and a tom away in our direction with a Bing Cherry Shine Box using a series of fly down cackles and excited yelps..

The hens came right in and picked with the Flambeau ladies, but the tom in full strut stayed at 60 yards out. After 10 mins the hens started to move out and the window was closing on the full strut tom. Eddy said he was confident taking the shot with his Remington 1100 3" MAG at that range. He pulled the trigger and sent a load of 3" Heavy Shot #5 at the gobbler and rolled him over dead. The range finder read 69 yards. Nice Shot! We will get this video footage posted on you tube soon.

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