Monday, August 22, 2011


I just want to take the time to thanks all my family and friends that helped me and my small company make another stride forward.
My wife for taking the time to listen to me tune over 400 turkey calls in my shop and putting up with all the machines running day and night!!! You're the love of my life and thank you for all your support as I chase a dream, as my partner you've watched me walk the roughest roads and always have been at my side. Thank You!
My brother & father who helped me assemble over 600 turkey calls in several weeks of hard work and late nights. Without you I wouldn't have had the man power to make it all run. You work your ass off and ask for nothing in return! I'd do the same for you! Thank You.
Larry, Through your help we were able to assemble over half of our turkey calls with your time and equipment in less than 3 weeks. Because of you we were able to donate over 85 free turkey calls to KIDS!! You donated your time and extra materials to help keep kids active in the turkey hunting heritage. In my opinion that's the greatest contribution anyone can give, keeping our children anchored in the hunting heritage is the only way it stays alive! Thank You.


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