Friday, March 9, 2012

66 Butternut Scratch Box Call

I found a sweet timber of Butternut in the rafters of my garage that had been there for over 60 years. My father dated the wood back as far as he could when lived at the family homestead and remembered seeing it up there for atleast 40 years. My mother remembered her dad using it to make door trim when she was in her teens. That year was 1946. "What a SCORE". 66 year old air dried butternut would make a lovely sounding call. Here's a scratch box I just made out of it and paired it up with some super black walnut and yellow heart. I played on primary color YELLOW. The butternut being soft tan the walnut being dark brown and the stark yellow of yellow heart ties it together very well. The sound well anyone knows that air dried wood make the loveliest sound!! I'm gonna make more of these for sure, any call I make gets the wood species burned on the bottom I'll burn these calls 66 Butternut.

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