Friday, March 9, 2012

2012 MN NWTF Competition Gobbler Box

This Long Box Call was made for the 2012 MN NWTF state conventions call making competition. I decided to make a GOBBLER box. The call body was made of a solid core of Northern California redwood burl with maple accents and ebony end caps. The lid was made of padauk with matching maple and ebony accents surrounding red abalone shell inlay. A gorgeous call!!!
I had the idea for something different in this box call. I knew that the redwood may be to soft to get decent hen sound so i decided to try and tune this call to the sounds of a mature gobblers thunderous gobble and make it a gobble box! I was successful. This call was to be entered in the decorative open class. If the call was played by the judges like a traditional long box it would be way to low and raspy for a good score on sound but that chance was on I was willing to take. I decided to burn nothing but gobblers on it. I visioned a strutting pair of longbeards bumping and positioning for dominance. I could see in my mind the gobblers head tucked back tight against the body and the lightning speed of his head belting out that thunderous gobble we all hear. I was very happy with the out come of this call.

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