Friday, June 10, 2011

Great Testimony from Florida

A great Shine Box customer from Florida sends his best after a great FL turkey season. I will be down there next year to experience a FL GATOR hunt!
Thanks Billy!
Eric, I called in four Osceola's this past season for a client, and my son-in-law (which was the second picture I sent you), all but one was with the shine box I had gotten just B-4 gobbler season from you on E-Bay, the Osceola's responded VERY well to the clucks and purrs it produced. When I get the other call from you, I've already promised my son-in-law the one we used to call in his bird. Gator season begins in most County's in August/September. We applied for a license where we took a 13' footer last year see Pic below, but haven't gotten confirmation back yet. We had a good Turkey season this year,Good hearing from you, and God bless. Billy

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