Monday, June 6, 2011

Shine Box Wild Turkey Harvest Report

Well it's the first week of June and turkey hunting has wrapped up in just about all the states. The numbers listed below are from Shine Box Turkey call users from all over the U.S. Who either sent pictures, e-mails, or called me on the phone to let us know their Shine Box Worked for them this year. "Thank You!" With out your support I wouldn't have the passion to continue making calls and striving to make new designs. I know of one man who used a Shine Box on the oscillated wild turkey in the Yucatan but the bird came in to his decoy without calling. So I cant count that in the harvest report. great Job to all Hunters!!
Shine Box Wild Turkey Harvest Report for 2011
Eastern Birds...57
Osceola Birds...18
Merriams Birds...31
Goulds Birds...2
Rio Birds...18
total.. 126 birds

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