Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Special Edition Calls Going Great!

The Burmese Black Wood is just about sold out, I would love to carry this beautiful wood but it is very hard to get, and I really dont know how this wood will hold up in more humid climates? This piece of wood came with a half inch of wax coating its outside. Pain in the rear removing it to. The Canary Wood is also going great and people really love the sound that comes from this wood. I am going to make an attempt to stock Canary Wood in the Shine Box line up. It burns good and looks great with a turkey image on it!! I'll get some pictures of the Canary wood with a burned image soon. I have 2 new woods coming soon to the Special Edition line up, Moon Ebony and Zircote both are amazing in color and grain. Pictures will come soon!!

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