Thursday, June 3, 2010

First release of the Limited Sporting Edition

Here's the first of the Limited Sporting Edition. "The Ring Neck". This image will be available only on a Maple or Cherry Shine Box. The Shine Box in the picture is on Cherry and an Original style call. I do not copy other artists work; each image is a complete original. Please keep in mind that I hand sketch and then burn each image one at a time, and they may vary when I replicate them. NO calls are alike when it comes to beauty in grain or image. I will have 4 of "The Ring Neck" available on my blog site the other 1 will go to auction. That means if you are interested in "The Ring Neck" call you must contact me here on the blog page. Each Limited Sporting Edition call will have the production number burnt on the bottom. The one in the Picture is 1 of 5. The asking price for the Limited Sporting Edition is $50.00 Be sure to visit us again here at Shine Box to see what's coming next!

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  1. I'm huntinglorenzo. just bought this on ebay and am anxious to added it to my collection.