Friday, May 21, 2010

Special Edition 2010 Bocote Shine Box?

Friday was a special day for Shine Box, I found a VERY RARE piece of Birds Eyed Bocote at the lumber yard! In 25 years of woodworking I have never seen a piece of Bocote with this unique grain pattern! I snapped it up right away and headed to the local woodworking store to have it milled down. The local woodworking store asked if they could take a picture of it, and offered me 5 times what I bought it for! That's when I knew it was going to make shine boxes..... I'm pretty sure it will produce 9-10 of the most beautiful Shine Boxes EVER! I will start on one tonight to make sure it will tune out to make great turkey sound. I will only offer this Special Edition Bocote Shine Box for those who have signed up as a follower on this blog spot. Maybe one or two for Ebay?
All of the limited edition calls are calls that have unique wood burning done on them. All the Special edition calls are when I secure very unique or rare piece of wood. These special edition calls are produced in small numbers. My favorite to make!

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