Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shine Box Care and Use

When You first get your Shine Box it will come with no wax/oil High quality Box call chalk and 80-100 grit sand paper. The Shine Box is like all wooden box style turkey calls they need sanding and chalking to keep producing quality turkey sound. I personally hand tune each box before it is shipped to ensure that it sounds its best, but make sure you sand and apply a liberal amount of chalk before use.

Sand the striker across the radius and apply the chalk until you no longer can see the wood surface. The unique design of the striker will allow you to sand and apply chalk without getting messy hands. Next take the Box call and gently sand the striker wall across the lip, use a slight angle while doing so on the outside edge of the box. Apply a generous amount of chalk to the striker wall and you are ready to use.

To make your Box shine use these following steps and you will get the true sound you desire using your Shine Box.

Step 1. Place the striker in between your pointer or middle finger and the base of your thumb, squeeze firmly to avoid the striker from vibrating.

Step 2. in other hand hold the Shine Box by the corner like a car key, make contact with the striker at a slight angle with the box tilted away from you. Pull the Shine Box toward your thumb applying slight pressure. Now the Box Should pur and chirp. the more downward pressure you apply the louder the sound becomes.

By using the entire lip of the striker wall your pitch will get higher or lower. To produce a yelp use a combing motion on the striker making contact then lifting the Shine Box off the striker, downward pressure make a difference in you yelping sound and volume! To produce a cluck, with the shine box making contact with the striker simply snap the wrist in the motion of turning a key. Again the pressure and location on the striker wall changes the pitch.

That's it you should be on your way to making great turkey sound. This small instrument will produce sound that rivals if not exceeds traditional large wooden box calls at a fraction of the size. I tell many people that scratch boxes are not made to sound like Big Box calls they are made to sound like turkeys. It can really pay to be as versatile when in the field.

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