Friday, May 28, 2010

The release of the Sporting Limited Edition

Seeing the turkey season just wrapped up here in Minnesota & Wisconsin, I have some extra time to create some new images for the Shine Box line-up. In the month of June I'm going to release a small amount of Shine Boxes that will have wildlife images burned on them. I'm calling it the Sporting limited edition. The images will include Elk, Whitetail Deer, Pheasant, Mallard & Pintail ducks ,Crappie, and Bass. I'm currently selecting various photographs to choose which will look best on a Shine Box.
I have been creating images like these for customers off and on and decided it's time to include them in the shine Box Line up.
Combining the passions of sportsmen & sportswomen on a Shine Box turkey call has always been challenging and fun. If you have a sporting passion and would like it burned on a Shine Box please contact us. These images will be burned on Maple and Cherry wood. These woods burn Very well and show great contrast against the lighter color of wood. Look for them soon!

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