Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New calls for the coming 2011 Turkey season!

I'm currently looking at some new exotic woods to experiment with for the coming season. The woods of choice are Bloodwood, Purple Heart, and the classic Spanish Cedar. I experimented with Bloodwood this year but need more time to tune it, It's pitch was so high it sounded more like a bird call so I opted for the Padauk. I am very close to a true higher tone low rasp call with the "Blood". I made a special call for a Golf War combat wounded Vet 2 years ago out of Purple Heart wood and have had several request form him to make more. The tone and rasp is very true with this exotic wood and looks very appealing. I have made 2 calls of of white Cedar but the tone was very low with way to much rasp. I canned it right away and thought I would return to a different species of Cedar later. Spanish Cedar is more dense than other species of cedar so I will look into giving a fair shot for the 2011 season. Any thought you may have on other kinds of hard woods are always Wanted!!

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  1. These are AMAZING! Thanks for the video to show how they are used and the different sounds that they make. You are truly talented.